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Three words that describe Daniel Ortiz are Passion, Experience and Integrity.

Daniel Ortiz is a professional real estate advisor, helping sellers and buyers with some of the most important transactions of their lives. Daniel was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Daniel likes to say that he’s “been in real estate my whole life”, because he grew up helping his parents with their rental property. When he turned 18, it just seemed like a natural thing to get his real estate license. So he did. He’s never looked back since.

In 2020, after spending literally dozens of weekend trips at his favorite getaway, Lancaster County, Daniel, his wife Kassandra and their 3 children (Eleanor, Liam and Evangeline) decided to finally move there and make it their home. Coming from not just the largest city in America but also one the most challenging real estate markets in the world, Daniel has a keen sense of what it takes to get a deal done successfully. Daniel says, “I’ve been involved in every type of transaction, from renting a tiny studio apartment in The Bronx to selling a mid-sized apartment building in Brooklyn and everything in between. This means that nothing scares me and I’m ready to take on any issue and calmly find a solution for it.”

Daniel’s passion for real estate is demonstrated by his love for architecture, design and his knowledge of each aspect of a real estate transaction. Daniel’s experience successfully bringing a variety of property types to market, has trained him to think “outside the box” and use creative means to market listings and get offers accepted. Daniel’s integrity means you can trust that you have someone working tirelessly on your behalf.

When Daniel isn’t working hard for his clients, he loves spending time at home with his family, enjoys caring for his 2 English Bulldog pups (Booth & Juniper) and never says no to a good cigar. Daniel also truly enjoys growing vegetables in his garden and preparing meals from scratch for his family.

If you’re thinking of selling or buying in Lancaster County, do yourself a favor and call Daniel today.

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