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East Petersburg

East Petersburg

East Petersburg is a borough in Lancaster County. The suburb holds around 4485 residents and is full of rich history with some farmhouses standing today, dating back over 300 years.  East Petersburg occupies approximately 1.21 square miles.  The community is entirely rural and offers residents a suburban rural mix feel. East Petersburg takes great pride in having an extensive park system, with bike paths that run through & connect several parts of the parks.  Residents also take great pride in being home to the famous Roots Market, a popular tourist destination well known throughout the state of Pennsylvania. Roots market is open year around and locals are very proud of It being an east Peterburg institution.  Young professionals, parents, and retirees regularly move to East Petersburg due to the friendly nature of the borough and its residents. If you’re considering moving to East Petersburg, here are some important points about living in this beautiful community
  • East Petersburg’s sales tax rate is 6%, and the median household income is $65,625
  • Although most residents own their homes, a single-family home costs an average of $255,400, while a single-bedroom apartment costs approximately $910 per month.
  • While the US gets 38 inches of rain, 28 inches of snow, and 205 sunny days annually on average, East Petersburg gets 43 inches of rain, 21 inches of snow, and 198 sunny days.
  • The town currently has no public or private schools, so parents’ resort to neighboring communities for schooling their kids.
  • The Internet connection is superbly fast there as the internet speed is approximately 178.7 Mbps on average.
Two core reasons why someone might gravitate toward East Petersburg:
  1. High road network
The road networks in East Petersburg are excellent, and residents hardly experience any traffic issues. Most residents drive their cars to work, and only less than 10% use any public transport system. Elders, young ones, and disabled individuals can move around the neighborhood without worrying due to the pedestrian-friendly nature of the roads.
  1. Abundant amenities
There are many amenities and points of interest in East Petersburg, including places like the National Watch and Clock Museum, Landis Valley Museum, Lancaster Science Factory, Hands-on House, etc.

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