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Mountville is a suburb in Lancaster County with beautiful homes and gardens. The community holds around 2,800 residents and is one of the best places to live in Pennsylvania.  Mountville has lots of parks and points of attraction, and its residents are easygoing, friendly, and helpful.  Mountville is a small suburb, occupying approximately 0.86 square miles, which is entirely land. The community offers residents a dense suburban feel, and they mostly own their homes. Young professionals, parents, and retirees regularly move to Mountville because its people are generally friendly and helpful, and there seem to be  lots of opportunities there.  If you’re looking to move to Mountville, here are some important points about living in this wonderful suburb that you should know.
  • Mountville’s sales tax rate is 6%, and the median household income is  $46,925
  • Although most residents own their homes, a single-family home costs an average of $254,300, while a single-bedroom apartment costs approximately $1344 per month.
  • While the US gets 38 inches of rain, 28 inches of snow, and 205 sunny days annually on average, Mountville gets 43 inches of rain, 20 inches of snow, and 196 sunny days.
  • The community has one public school and zero private schools. The school is well-rated and offers excellent academics and extracurricular activities.
  • Averagely, there are 15 pupils per teacher, 483 students per librarian, and 392 children per counselor.
  • Internet connection is superbly fast here as the average internet speed is 152.1 Mbps. 
Some of the core reasons why Mountville is worth living include: Mountville is a very safe and secure community as its residents are easygoing and well-mannered. Also, the town is quiet and clean and statistically safer than 79% of the cities in the US.
  1. High road network
The road networks in Mountville are excellent, and residents hardly experience any traffic. They are also pedestrian-friendly, so you and your family can enjoy a walk down the park on a cool weekend.
  1. Abundant amenities
Some of the top attractions in Mountville include Boulders Miniature Golf, Field of Screams, Corn Cob Acres Field of Fun, etc.
  1. Presence of good schools
Parents will be pleased to know that the town has a lovely, well-funded public school that can help their kids prepare for advanced studies.

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