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Strasburg Township is a charming suburb in southern Lancaster County with many beautiful gardens and gorgeous homes. The suburb holds around 4312 residents and is one of the most unique and interesting places to live in Pennsylvania.  Strasburg Township occupies approximately 20.14 square miles, with its land occupying 19.98 square miles while its water occupies 0.41 square miles of the total area. Strasburg developed as a linear village, stretching up to 2 miles along the Great Conestoga Road, which later became the Strasburg Road. The community has a lot of attractive views and offers residents a sparse suburban feel as most residents own their homes. Strasburg boasts numerous railroad attractions and first-rate theatrical productions, some of the core reasons tourists visit the village for sightseeing.  Young professionals, parents, and retirees regularly move to Strasburg due to the abundant opportunities for small businesses and startups.     If you’re considering moving to Strasburg, here are some important points about this gorgeous community
  • Strasburg’s sales tax rate is 6.75%, and the median household income is $77,527
  • Although most residents own their homes, a single-family home costs an average of $359,900, while a single-bedroom apartment costs approximately $1,002 per month.
  • The average annual income of a Strasburg resident is $27,462, while the US average is $28,555 a year.
  • While the US gets 38 inches of rain, 28 inches of snow, and 205 sunny days annually on average, Strasburg gets 42.9 inches of rain, 24.1 inches of snow, and 198 sunny days.
  • When considering air quality, water quality, natural disaster frequency, crime rates, substance abuse rates, and so on, Strasburg Township is one of the best places anyone can live due to its safety. 
  • All the schools in Strasburg are private, and there are 8 schools in total. The schools are well-rated and offer excellent academics and extracurricular activities. Averagely, there are 16 pupils per teacher, 388 students per librarian, and 443 children per counselor.
  • Internet connection is superbly fast here as The wireless internet speeds are approximately 229 Mbps, while wired internet connections are 182 Mbps on average.
  Some of the core reasons why Strasburg is worth living include:  
  1. Safety and security
Strasburg Township residents enjoy a high level of safety and security, and there’s not much history of dangerous activities in the region. One core factor that determines one’s residential area is security, which Strasburg has in abundance.  
  1. High road network
From numerous railroad attractions to beautiful, well-designed roads, Strasburg Township has some of the best road networks in Lancaster. Plus, the community is known to care for its roads really well, especially in the snow.  
  1. Abundant amenities
Some of the points of interest in Strasburg include:
  • 18th-century homes
  • Brick-paved walks
  • Amish buggy rides
  • Challenging mini-golf
  • Popular smorgasbord buffet
  • Corn mazes
  • Farm activities for kids
  • Amish tours
  • Farm tours
  • Country stores
  1. Presence of good schools
The private schools in Strasburg are really good and offer high-quality education. Strasburg schools spend an average of $13,497 per student (The US average is $12,383).

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