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Landisville is a small, calm suburb in Lancaster County with many gorgeous farmlands and beautiful houses. The suburb holds around 2300 residents and is one of the best places to live in Pennsylvania. Previously, the community was part of the Salunga-Landisville CDP before separating into two individual CDPs for the 2010 census– which are Landisville and Salunga. Landisville occupies approximately 3.32 square kilometers, with water occupying only about 0.01 square kilometers of the total area. The village has a lot of parks and offers residents a rural feel as most residents own their homes. Young professionals, parents, retirees, and individuals who tend to lean conservative often prefer to live in Landisville since accommodation and many other basic needs are affordable there. More importantly, the area is very comfortable and has a friendly atmosphere with neighbors who live a simple and happy life. Here are some important points about living in Landisville
  • Landisville’s sales tax rate is 6%, and the median household income is $85,833
  • Although most residents own their homes, a single-family home costs an average of $314,824, while a single-bedroom apartment costs approximately $740 per month.
  • While the US gets 38 inches of rain, 28 inches of snow, and 205 sunny days annually on average, Landisville gets 43 inches of rain, 21 inches of snow, and 198 sunny days.
  • When considering air quality, water quality, natural disaster frequency, crime rates, substance abuse rates, and so on, Landisville is one of the safest places anyone can live.
  • The village has 1 public elementary school, 2 public middle schools, and 1 high school. The schools are well-rated and offer excellent academics and extracurricular activities.
  • The wireless internet speeds are approximately 34 Mbps, while wired internet connections are 184 Mbps on average.
  Some of the core reasons why Landisville is worth living include:
  1. Safety and security
In terms of safety and security, Landisville is safer than the Pennsylvania state average and the national average. Many residents love the village for the unbeatable peace of mind and comfortability they enjoy.
  1. Peaceful and pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods
Elders, young ones, and disabled individuals can move around the neighborhood without worrying about 
  1. Abundant amenities
There are many amenities and points of interest in Landisville, including restaurants, hotels, cruises, etc.
  1. Presence of fantastic schools
Parents will be pleased to know that the village has lovely, well-funded public and private schools that can prepare their kids for advanced studies.

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